05 April 2008


They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him. He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had spit on the man's eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, "Do you see anything?" He looked up and said, "I see people; they look like trees walking around." Once more Jesus put his hands on the man's eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. Jesus sent him home, saying, "Don't go into the village." (Mark 8:22-26)

"Jesus sent him HOME..." Mark 8:26

In this passage of Scripture, we read about a blind man who was brought by some people to Jesus who was at Bethsaida at that time. Jesus leads him from inside the village to outside the village, where he regains his sight. Once his sight is restored, Jesus sends him away to his home, saying “Don't go into the village.” Note the two-fold instruction of Christ:

a) Go home
b) Do not go into the village

Based on the above two instructions the following can be inferred regarding the blind man:

a) His home was not in the village. If it was, Christ’s two fold instruction would contradict itself.

b) He is quite able now to travel on his own from where he is presently (outside the village) to either the village or his home. This infers that he once had sight and is well acquainted with the respective routes.

c) Where he currently is, is neither the place where he has come from (village) nor the place he is destined to go (home).

Now for convenience sake, I want to depict the three locations we find in this story with alphabets:

Inside the village – A;
Outside the village – B;
Home – C.

I am a big believer in the plans God has for my life. Suppose God’s plan for me is to get to C, I have often wondered why God won’t take me directly from A to C. Why does He have to take me to B before he sends me to C? Why doesn’t He send me directly to C instead?

Well there is a principle I learn from this. Notice the word “led” i.e Jesus “led him outside the village" or rather from A to B. Interesting observation. So I see that it is not possible for me to deduce or interpret God’s plan for me based on where God is leading me today. God may seem like He is leading me to B today but that is not an indication of where God will eventually send me (C). Have you ever wondered how you can be a recipient of magnificent dreams and great promises, and yet in real life, where you are headed seems like a mockery of where you are apparently supposed to be?!!

During this process, bystanders may ridicule you being led to B and deep down you may have a hunger to convince them that God will eventually take you to C. When God’s plan for you is to prepare a table for you (C), He may not lead you to a hotel, but instead Shepherd you into the presence of your enemies (B)! (Psalms 23:5a, author’s paraphrase). When God’s plan for you is the Prime Minister’s palace (C), He may not train you in a school of politics, but instead lead you into a pit and then promote you to a prison (B). Do not be bitter towards the brothers that God may use to lead you there. They are just God’s generals executing the Master’s command to bless you. (Genesis 45:4-8) When the place you are being led to apparently seems to contradict God’s plan for you, always tell yourself –it’s not over yet! It’s not over till its over.

But why then is point B so important in our journey towards point C? At point A, I had all the support of the people around me whom I trusted and relied on. Christ leading me to point B detoxifies me from everything I trusted on and familiarized with for my existence, security and comfort. For most of us, this is brought about through a series of painful experiences that we rather not talk about. However, God will not spare the hurt because He is adamant that “His glory He will not give to another” (Isaiah 4:10, 11). Eventually, when I do see the dream come to pass, I will know as sure as I know my name, that it was not my heritage nor my ability nor the people in my life that brought me thus far. On that day, I will repeat after the Apostle Paul, “I am what I am by GRACE.”

“Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come
T’was grace that brought me safe thus far
And grace will lead me HOME ”

– John Newton 1725-1807

'Jesus sent him HOME ....' Mark 8:26